10 main reasons to choose Ideia


We have the biggest and more reliable big data, with data from more than 1 billion individuals around the world;


We have the most complete, innovative and robust Big Data platform;


We value the data privacy and work under high confidentiality, best market practices and international ethics code;


Expertise highly recognized by international awards;


Innovative and multidisciplinary team composed of professionals from different professional backgrounds, profiles and experiences that bring a systemic vision of the business;


We use the most advanced techniques of research and psychometrics, ensuring a high degree of results reliability;


Commitment to quality, integrity and innovation as path to transformation;


Unique application of Big Data by crossing online and offline data;


Recognized ability to find the best way to communicate with your target audience applying the best possible communication tools;


Ability to develop solutions anywhere in the world due to its international offices and partners.

Innovative technology, multidisciplinary team and solid Big Data: Ideia will help you having deep understanding of what your relationship is with the people who are most important to you and raise the awareness of the potential in that relationship.