A mobile and web search platform, PiniOn is the fastest, easiest and most reliable solution to get to know the behavior of your target audience, how your product or service is viewed by your customers, your consumption habits, or to get insights for your business – and what’s even better: at the best cost of the market.

PiniOn has more than 1 million active users. With so many users – or Opiners, as we call it – it’s easy to select the right profile to analyze your product or service.

Data Validation


Ensures that surveys are conducted in the determined locations.

Date and Time

Confirms that the information was collected until the deadline.


Verify, through images, the information sent by Opiners.


Ensures that only Opiners on the profile you choose participate in the surveys.

The key is simple: for the user, it’s a fun, quick and easy way to earn points and money through your smartphone. For the customer, it is the most efficient way to collect information and record experiences of real consumers by telling their consumer experiences when they happen.

  • Learn how the customer is being impacted by your advertising;
  • Test the service of your business;
  • Check the exposure of your product at the point of sale;
  • Get opinions about a new brand;
  • Know your customer’s consumption habits.

Know our formats:

In-person missions

The user moves to a pre-set point to answer the search. The user can consume on the property or just report what he sees.

Virtual Missions

The user answers the survey anytime, anywhere. Ideal for reports, opinions and experiences.

Our Solutions:

Mistery Shopping

Without being identified, Opiners can evaluate the service and your business with the truth and depth that only a consumer can offer.

+ 150 successful projects


Take advantage of the presence of your consumers at the points of sale and receive real data on the execution of their pricing strategies, presence and visual communication.

+ 300 successful projects


With the simultaneous collaboration of hundreds of people, crowdsourcing makes data collection faster and more accessible. Connect to a targeted respondent network based on your search goals.

+ 1.000 successful projects

PiniOn Home

Discover the day-to-day of your consumers, your consumption habits and behavior in relation to your product and competitors.

PiniOn Live

Get immediate feedback during events, debates and TV shows by interacting with the audience in real time.

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