IDEIA Big Data works with traditional and modern research techniques, as well as its own methodologies. And it is the combination of these diverse methodologies and sources of information, combined with the use of data intelligence in the pre-research phase that guarantees a complete view of the study, delivering results with a greater degree of reliability, accuracy and optimization of resources.

Both qualitative and quantitative researches are done with stratification and probabilistic, non-probabilistic or directed sampling definition. The qualitative technique stimulates the participants to think and speak spontaneously about a specific theme, while the quantitative compiles conscious opinions provided by respondents through survey forms, which results provide base to project them into the represented population. Both can be implemented in person, by phone or over the Internet and carried out in all the countries that we operate.

IDEIA Big Data is a Brazilian company with global operations, with several cases in countries such as South Africa, Argentina, Bolivia, Canada, Colombia, Spain, United States, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Portugal, Romania, Uruguay and Venezuela. Several of these papers have earned international recognition.

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  • Internet Researches
  • Residential Researches
  • Telephone Researches: Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and CATI
  • Panels, Tracking and/or Hybrids


  • Focus Groups
  • Usability Testing
  • In-depth Surveys



IDEIA Big Data works with traditional and modern research techniques, as well as unpublished and exclusive methodologies.

Impact Assessment

With the expertise and practical experience of the most respected specialists in the field, IDEIA Big Data performs all the steps to measure the impact of social actions and public policies.

Data Room Congress

The Data Room Congress is a mobile version of our Big Data Room created specifically to meet the needs of parliamentarians.

Big Data Room

Analysis - Strategy - Action. In real-time.The perfect match between a team experienced in diagnostics and public opinion consulting with research tools, intelligence and targeted direct communication.

Digital Strategy Consulting

With the combination of a lot of technical knowledge and years of hands-on experience, we have developed a unique methodology and training to work with segmented public communication focused on the digital environment.