Do you want to know more about your target customer?

Do you know what your behavior patterns are?

Do you know where he is?

Do you know the most effective way to communicate with him?

If you did not feel completely safe to answer any of these questions, we can help you.

Ideia is here to deliver these and many other information in an ultra-segmented way, so you can solve problems, make decisions and communicate with much more focus and security.

Ideia collects millions of data every day that are processed and organized in a huge database. Our current base has more than 1 billion individuals around the world.

All data collection is made solely and exclusively within ethical criteria and takes into consideration the fundamental principles of market research and access to open and public data without invasion of privacy of any kind.

Using the most advanced research techniques and psychometrics, we collect online data that improves this base and helps us to better understand what each person thinks – their desires, wants and needs.

Online and offline information are cross-referenced, resulting in a rich database of economic, demographic, social and behavioral information, allowing us to target ultra-segmented communication actions, wherever your audience is.

Ideia has the best data and the most innovative technology to reach every audience, in every device, everywhere.


Research / Polling

Ideia works with several research techniques for companies and public agencies of all sizes and areas of activity.

Data Intelligence

Ideia is a company that accumulates years of market research experience with ultramodern research techniques, resulting in the largest and most reliable database globally.


Ideia has the most accurate data and the most innovative technology to reach any audience, in any device, anywhere.