We are living in the information age. We are bombarded full time by the most diverse means of communication and interaction. However, information without intelligence is nothing more than gross data, and doesn't add value to make strategic decisions.

Have you ever heard? Recent studies indicate that only 1% of corporate data is effectively used for analysis in large corporations. No wonder that impressive 90% of corporate strategies fail. *

* Source: IBM

Ideia is a company with a strong track records applying market research/polling with technology and big data. As of today, Ideia has around 1 billion individuals data, with economic, demographic, social and behavioral information.

Furthermore, we developed our own management system of Big Data that automatizes the processes of data construction, management, collection and organization, integrating information from different sources and formats into a single database.

Custom Database Construction

Define and meet your target audience by crossing behavioral, social, demographic, and economic characteristics and have a database fully adherent to your business needs.

Other services

Research / Polling

Ideia works with several research techniques for companies and public agencies of all sizes and areas of activity.


Ideia has the most accurate data and the most innovative technology to reach any audience, in any device, anywhere.