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IDEIA and Mapa Educação: Another partnership to help improve education in Brazil

High School Reform 1400 public school students between 16 and 25 years, in economic classes B and C, interviewed Identified the bigger picture [...]

IDB contracts IDEIA Big Data for an impact evaluation of a city in Paraná

Summary Find Paranaguá residents of six years or more in a demographically representative sample 330 residents located within the profile Reliably portrayed the [...]

Jaboatão dos Guararapes increases tax collection by 30% with help from IDEIA

With tax default reaching 70%, the prefecture of Jaboatão dos Guararapes launched a payment incentives campaign by reducing interest and called upon the […]

Veja chooses IDEIA Big Data to carry out a national survey on voting intentions

Summary 2036 people over the age of 16 interviewed Brazilian voter opinion identified and weighted according to the census Special edition of the [...]

Unprecedented study by IDEIA Big Data depicts the views Brazilians hold about urban mobility, transportation and the environment

Unprecedented study in Brazil Real depiction of Brazilians’ views about urban mobility, transport, and environment 3 thousand people interviewed in 30 days National [...]

IDB: Inter-American Development Bank

IDB contracts IDEIA Big Data to understand the lifestyle and consumption habits of Afro-Brazilians Understanding consumption patterns and tendencies of Afro-Brazilians was the […]

REDD+ Brazil contracts IDEIA Big Data to better understand consumer habits and the perception that Brazilians have about the environmental impact of airlines companies.

Strategy to make a complex topic more accessible and understandable for the general public 800 international flight passengers within the establish profile were [...]

IDEIA and CDN partnership: Impact surveys for the communications market

“O Ideia tem uma metodologia moderna, foge do lugar comum dos institutos de pesquisa. É confiável”

Todos pela Educação partners with IDEIA Big Data to better understand the state of education in Brazil.

Understand the state of Brazilian education 1st survey: 1679 people interviewed in the 5 regions of Brazil 2nd survey: 1515 people interviewed in [...]

IDEIA Big Data’s research enriches work done by the Brazil Institute at the Wilson Center

Development for analysis, debates and events put on by the Brazil Institute; 16 surveys carried out More than 20 thousand people interviewed Research [...]

IDEIA Big Data is once again chosen to reveal the “Word of the Year” in Brazil

A reference point for public opinion, this is the third time out of four that IDEIA was selected for the mission Which word [...]