The impact assessment greatly enhances the transparency of social projects by showing if resources really help and reflect on the lives of recipients.

To get a true picture of the results achieved, relating cause and effect, IDEIA Big Data conducts quantitative research to test hypotheses and qualitative for insights. With the expertise of the most respected experts in the field, our team idealizes all stages of the process, from the formulation to the complete execution of the evaluation of the impact of social actions and public policies.



IDEIA Big Data works with traditional and modern research techniques, as well as unpublished and exclusive methodologies.

Impact Assessment

With the expertise and practical experience of the most respected specialists in the field, IDEIA Big Data performs all the steps to measure the impact of social actions and public policies.

Data Room Congress

The Data Room Congress is a mobile version of our Big Data Room created specifically to meet the needs of parliamentarians.

Big Data Room

Analysis - Strategy - Action. In real-time.The perfect match between a team experienced in diagnostics and public opinion consulting with research tools, intelligence and targeted direct communication.

Digital Strategy Consulting

With the combination of a lot of technical knowledge and years of hands-on experience, we have developed a unique methodology and training to work with segmented public communication focused on the digital environment.