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Public Opinion Consulting

360º analysis for accurate diagnostics

Experience, innovation and a complete vision of any situation. IDEIA innovates not only in the form of make research, based on the combination of different traditional and modern techniques to obtain information, but also developed its own unique methodology. And it is this integration of methodologies that guarantee the accuracy of the data and the precision of the analyzes of our specialists.

With a 360º view of the situation and a highly qualified team, IDEIA performs diagnostics and proposes solutions and recommendations that lead to better decisions and strategic positioning directions anywhere in the world.


IDEIA works with traditional and modern research techniques, as well as unpublished and exclusive methodologies.

Impact Assessment

With the expertise and practical experience of the most respected specialists in the field, IDEIA performs all the steps to measure the impact of social actions and public policies.

Digital Strategy Consulting

With the combination of a lot of technical knowledge and years of hands-on experience, we have developed a unique methodology and training to work with segmented public communication focused on the digital environment.


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Priscila Sousa – Candidate from Framingham/MA – US

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